Become a publisher with Media Ringer, and outreach your business all across the world. Start generating more revenue through pay per call campaigns.

Become a Publisher

  • Once you sign up as a Publisher with Media Ringer, you avail instant access to hundreds of unique Pay Per Call campaigns.

Find the perfect campaign

  • Get access to campaigns in hyperlocal niches with approval for running your campaigns and start driving more traffic.

Track your performance

  • You can monitor your work with live reports and latest update in real-time. Track your workflow smoothly with our assistance.

Get paid for generating calls

  • You will be paid for every eligible call you generate. You can easily monetized your traffic and earn scalable pay-out.

Why You Should Become A Publisher

Learn from the Experts

You can learn and get full access to Media Ringer University, through our library portal service and become a market master.

Monetize Your Traffic

You can monetize your traffic, and earn money from the calls you generate. This also includes scalable payouts.

Fresh Campaigns

There are varieties of campaigns to choose from, and you can monetize your traffic through different verticals.

Niche Verticals

Various targeted, hyper local campaigns, to provide diverse business opportunities and generate more traffic in your business.

Real-Time Reports

Get an in-depth and real time reports via media ringer, and optimise your campaign anytime, anywhere.

Dedicated Support

Our team of dedicated account representative will clear all your doubts, and help you find the right campaign.

Does it sound's good?

Start generating calls through Media Ringer Pay Per call campaigns.

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