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Grow your business with Pay Per Call.

About us

Founded by ace digital marketers, Media Ringer is an establishment that is constantly setting the benchmark as global leaders in the inbound technical support industry. Our services are augmented by advanced analytics, extensive market research and the pursuit of excellence. We bring easy solutions for consumer who has to do is to dial a toll-free number and that will directly connect to us in less than a minute!

Hyperlocal Campaigns

Hyperlocal campaigns are extremely effective and add the most to the overall business.

Get Sales-Ready Inbound Calls

We boost maximum proficiency and prepare for getting Sales-Ready Inbound Calls.

Real-Time Reporting

Our vision and believe in providing fastest services in inbound calls industry encourages to do a lot more.

What is Pay Per Call?

Pay Per Call is a marketing technique through which qualified inbound consumer calls are bought from supply partners.

How It Works

Our supply partners promote your services or commodities brilliantly.
The customers, who want their business to be successful and want to promote it, call us.
The call will redirect to your business instantly.
When your phone rings, there is always a customer on the other end of the line.

What You Get With Media Ringer

   Hyperlocal Campaigns

Tell us the parameter of your campaign, and your preference in customers and venue. From niche service to the nationwide corporation, our dedicated exchange is available for your assistance..

   Connect With Callers

When our users call us, our exchange service makes sure that your call is to connect in few seconds only.

   Real-Time Reports

At any time, analytics permit you to track your campaigns and make most of your online marketing efforts.

   Dedicated Support

Our supply partners and users have an access to exclusive Media ringer workshops and webinars. Apart from these, we are the dedicated Support team.

    High Quality Calls

Our super talented team is quite sincere to keep your campaigns at the top, in all hurdles. We kick back all your drawback and provide best for you always.

Our Services

We guarantee that our services will benefit you. So, why wait? Join us today.


Media Ringer believes that you deserve tailored hands-on solutions for your business growth. We bring in sales-ready customer calls for you to answer. We understand and cover the needs of every business regardless of its direction and scale.

By helping our clients create an effective campaign, choosing suitable hours and geo-targeting, we make it convenient for our clients to harness the power of inbound calls to foster business growth. Add a Media Ringer advantage to your business and-

  • Become a Media Ringer client
  • Create your own campaign
  • Get real-time analytics and Measurement
  • Answer qualified inbound calls
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Media Ringer connects effective lead-gen publishers with businesses who aspire to grow their businesses beyond the traditional advertising. If you are looking to monetize your commercially valuable traffic by sending inbound calls, Media Ringer is the right place.

When it comes to finding the perfect Pay Per Call campaign, Media Ringer is the presidium place to run your traffic in a unique and hyper-local vertical way.

  • Become a Media Ringer Publisher
  • Discover the perfect Pay Per Call campaign
  • Actively monitor your performance
  • Get paid for every qualified call
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The Exchange

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Who are We

The sublime progress of technology has altered the future of direct marketing. This has further enabled our team to deploy better ways to connect with our customers instantly and cater them with services they require.

Our expert team deals in Pay Per Call basis in order to provide the best to our clients.

  • We bring easy solutions to customers.
  • Our clients pay only for calls delivered to them.
  • Our strategies helps us maintain consistency.
  • The quality of inbound call leads delivered are supreme.
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Become a client of media ringer and expand your business perspective through variety of promotional methods.

Become a Client

  • When you sign up with Media Ringer, you will have access to highly successful performance marketer, who will also connect your business with different prospective customers.

Create your campaign

  • Create and launch your own campaign by associating with us. Connect with various clients with our call-marketing platform and promote your campaign and flourish your business.

Monitor your analytics

  • With media ringer, you will be able to track your success with a real-time report and data analysis. Out team will monitor and show the direction in which your business is going.

Get inbound calls

  • With the provision of pay per calls in Media Ringer, you will also be able to earn via inbound calls. You just need to pay for the qualified customer and get a lot of leads in the process.

Why You Should Become An Advertiser

Targeted Campaigns

Make the most of your campaigns and allure customers that you want by nationwide expose and hyper-intent campaigning.

Live Reporting

You can get live updates and reports at any time and anywhere in the world. The provision of live reporting gives you the opportunity to modify your campaigns depending on your business needs.

Scalable Solutions

With our varied and versatile campaign option, you will be able to get scalable solutions to all your business problems.

No Hidden Fees

Do an easy, simple and free sign up and pay for sales-ready inbound calls only. Be assured of no sudden charges and payments are hassle-free.

Quality Assurance

Regain your peace of mind, with the help of our dedicated in-house compliance team. They will take the responsibility of controlling your entire campaign.

Dedicated Support

Our sincere team of management at Media Ringer is here to help your campaign flourish.

We give you the tools, coaching, and analytics for you to grow your business with sales-ready inbound calls.

More calls, Better calls.

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Cloud 7 Services co.ltd. Gems Tower, Suite No 180/B1 25th Floor, 1249 Suryawong Bangrak 10500, Thailand.

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